# the North American canal of notice CNN was created by the entrepreneur Ted Turner. It started to operate to 18h of day 1 of June of 1980.

# Its name means Wire News Network (Net of Notice the Handle).

# Was the first canal 24 hours of notice in the world to enter in air.

# the principle, the people found that the notice propagated for the CNN were manipulated according to interests of the sender. Therefore, it was known as Chicken Noodle Network (Emitting of the Soup of Hen), something as TV of the marmelada one.

# In the official launching of the canal, Turner recited a poem of the writer Ed Kessler who said: To act for the certainties of somebody while others wait, to create a positive force in a world where if they spread cynical, to provide information that were not available before to the people.

# When it was inaugurated, the CNN counted on 300 employees spread in offices located in 9 cities, including London (England) and Rome (Italy).

# Up to 1981, focava national notice. This characteristic moved later that Turner made a visit to the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. It confidenciou to it that he attended the CNN because caught a signal of the south of the Flórida (U.S.A.) and suggested that the net was transmitted by the whole world. Turner finished convincing Fidel to make a promocional advertising on the canal.

# Turner vendeu the net for the company of Time Warner communication in 1995.

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