The Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Television offers the Emmy prize to the best ones of the North American TV since 1948. Its more than 10,000 memberschoose every year the professionals of bigger prominence in categories as series of comedy, series of drama and infantile program. The contemplated ones receive one estatueta in the format from a woman holding an atom created for engineer Louis McManus. Its proper woman served of model for the winged figure that represents the muses of the art and science.

Originally, the statue received the name from Immy, term that also the pipe of a television camera assigns. With the time the expression was substituted by Emmy so that it had a more feminine noise. The responsible one for its manufacture is company R.S. Owens. Made in copper and bathed in gold, they delay about five hours being ready and has about 2 kilos of weight and 40 centimeters of height.

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