2002 had the day of “great capicua”
In day 20 of February of 2002 we live a mathematical moment that happens only ten times to each a thousand years. Capicua is about one day, a date that can indifferently bechore of the left for the right or the right for the left (20.02.2002). This capicua, however, was special, therefore, beyond being the first one of the millenium, it can be multiplied by the digital clocks to 20h02, showing “20: 02 20/02 2002”. A phenomenon as this happened only two times previously, to 10h01 of 10/01/1001 and 11h11 of 1111, but it is clearly that at this time if it cannot observe the numerical sequence in digital counters. Great capicuas as these will only be seen one more time in the history of the humanity, to 21h12 of 21/12/2112. After this date, will be impossible reproduziz them, since 12 months only exist. Many people believe that these symmetrical numerical sequences are in the truth a signal of good luck.

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