Space buses

# the space bus is one espaçonave partially reaproveitáveldeveloped by NASA.

# Before idealizing the vehicle, NASA carried through tests with an archetype connected in a Boeing airplane, that was adapted for flights of great altitude.

# the first space bus to enter in orbit was Columbia, in 1981.

# is constituted of 3 parts: a external tank, two rockets and the ship properly said.

# In the take-off, the rockets are the responsible ones for stimulating the ship for the high one. They have an equal force of 30 airplanes Jumbo 747. When the bus reaches 45 kilometers of altitude, if they unfasten and they fall in the sea.

# untied the external tank if when it finishes the fuel, about 100 kilometers of altitude.

# In orbit, the vehicle is operated by back engines and 44 mini-spurts of control. Its nose, wings and all the inferior part are coated by small ceramics parts, that support high temperatures.

# the fleet of space buses of NASA contained 5 ships: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour. Columbia blew up in 1º of February of 2003, during the re-entry in the orbit of the Land. Debris that if had unfastened of the proper fusilagem had opened a hole in the left wing. The Challenger nor arrived at the space: the take-off caught fire 73 seconds after.

# NASA passed 2 years and way without carrying through flights with the space buses after the accident with Columbia. A new group of astronauts, on board the Discovery, took off in 26 of July of 2005 and successfully returned the Land in 9 from August of 2005.

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