Neil Armstrong

* Neil Alden Armstrong was born in 5 of August of 1930 in the city of Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States. He was the first man to step on inthe Moon, 20 of July of 1969.

* Armstrong flied for the first time of airplane to the 6 years, in 1936.

* In 1955, it formed aeronautical engineer for the University of Purdue, of Indiana, United States.

* It was pilot of tests of NASA and entered for the American aerospace program in 1962.

* Its first mission in the space was in 1966, when it made a maneuver of space coupling between the ship 8 Gemini and the Agena rocket.

* Second space trip commanded the mission Apollo 11 in its. When they had arrived at the Moon, using the lunar module Eagle, it and the astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin they had been about two hours exploring the ground of astro, collecting material and photographing.

* The first step in the Moon was given with a so great foot 41. This age the number of the blue boot of Armstrong.

* NASA in 1971 left and was to give lessons of space engineering in the University of Cincinatti, in the United States.

* In 1994, the former-astronaut processed the Hallmark company, who makes commemorative cards, for having used the famous phrase “This is a small step for a man” in a Christmas card.

* In 1º of June of 2005, she was divulged that the astronaut wanted in return hair wires its that the owner of a hall of cabelereiro of Libanon, United States, had vendido for a collector. Armstrong demanded the devolution of the chumaços and alleged that this age breaking of its privacy. The purchaser, who spent 3 a thousand dollars in the transaction, is the detainer of the biggest collection of hair of celebrities of the world.

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