The terrorist attempted against one of 11 of September of 2001
In the morning of day 11 of September of 2001, four airplanes had been kidnapped in the United States. Three of them had been used in terrorist acts, being launched on building and had caused the death of 2.752 people.


# According to Federal Aviation Administration, that controls the air traffic in the United States, to 9h49 of 11 of September, day of the terrorist attacks, 3,667 airplanes sobrevoavam the American territory.
To the noon, it is common to exist about 5.000 flights. To 11h40 of that day, only 290 flights had been registered.

# the impact caused for the shocks of the airplanes and the landslide of the two towers had shaken the structures of neighboring building. Building 7, that it was part of the set of seven building of the World Trade Center, fell the same to 17h25 of day.

# the Pentagon, headquarters of the Secretariat of the Defense of the United States, third target of the terrorist attempted against one, has restricted access in integral period. All the entrances are protected by armed guards, metal detectors and cameras of video. Visitors must be folloied by somebody of the security. Barriers of concrete hinder that if it parks next to the entrances.

In 2002, an integrant one of the official list of missing people was found in a clinic of New York. Gerge Sims suffered from amnesia and presented schizophrenia symptoms. According to family, it was “vendendo things” in the neighborhoods of the WTC in the day of the accident.

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