Babies on board

* In the second half of the decade of 40, when the soldiers who had fought in the Second War had come back toward house, he had the call baby boom, increase of the number of births. After the “11 of September”, New York saw to be born 25% more children who the normal one. For the gynecologist Joan Berman, who works in the city, they are the two causes for this new baby boom. “More people were making sex without protection since everything seemed so dangerous”, it to the magazine New York Magazine said. “Moreover, between September and October she had many irregular menstrual cycles and much people were surprise handle.”

* Even though in Canada similar phenomenon occurred. Mark Alwan, obstetra of the General Hospital of Pomona Valley, after observed that the number of births increased of 400 for 500 for month, from June of 2002 - nine months the attacks. “These numbers must have if kept until August”, it to the local periodical The Daily Bulletin said.

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