Lance Armstrong
# the ciclista Lance Edward Gunderson was born in 18 of September of 1971 in Dallas (U.S.A.). It never knew its father true, Edward Gunderson. Therefore, padastro adopted the last name of its, Terry Armstrong, that arrived to adopt it.

# Começou to compete professionally with only 16 years.

# In 1996, discovered that it had cancer in the testicules. It arrived if to spread and to reach the pulmões and the brain. During the treatment, he decided to create the Foundation of Lance Armstrong, come back to the combat of the illness. It was the yellow group that idealized the sales of pulseirinhas with the phrase Live Strong (Strong Life) with the objective of raising money for research. The action was copied by diverse institutions around of the world.

# Its three children with the Kristin former-wife had been conceived with sperm that it congealed before initiating the treatment against the cancer.

# Its heart is three times bigger that of normal personal one.

# Detém the record of consecutive victories in the race Tour de France. They had been seven pódios, of 1999 the 2005.

# Many say that its physical capacity if must to the use of drugs. In book L.A. Confidentional, a nurse who worked in the team of the ciclista declared that athlete consumed EPO during the preparation of the return of the France of 1999.

# In 2004, assumed namoro with the singer Sheryl Crow.

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