* Three rooms of the surface of the planet Land are water. If it was divided enters all the world-wide population, each person would have rightthe eight full olímpicas swimming pools.

* But 2.7% of the world-wide water can be consumed. That is, if all this water fit in a bottle of 1 liter, only half gotinha would be potable.

* Of all used water, 10% are destined to the human consumption, 20% to industrial use and 70% to agriculture. In Brazil, 83% of the water go for cattle agriculture and, 10% for urban consumption and 7% for the industry.

* If all the ice of calotas polar melted, one room of the Land would be flooded.

* Poluída in the rivers of the world has 12 a thousand kilometers cubical of water.

* Brazil has 13.7% of all the water candy of the planet. Of these, 80% are in the Amazonian Basin.

* 16 billion liters of water for the redor of the world rain according to.

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