The Jazz appeared at the beginning of century XX in the United States. At the time the recém-libertos blacks of New Orleans found in music the oneform of will be next to its history. The Jazz was born of a derivation of the Blues, characterized for its choroso rhythm, with the Ragtime, a more harmonious line. The jazz consists, basically, in a carried through instrumental improvisation on of a melódica base, that is, the musicians create new chords on of a set of predefined chords. From this concept the Jazz if divided in diverse sources.

The Swing was a rhythm very appreciated of the one of years 20 until the end of World War II. The time that goes of 1938 the 1943 was known as the age of the Swing. The main characteristics of this style are the dançante character of the compositions and the size of the bands, who normally counted on some musicians. The Swing was known as the popular part of the Jazz.

The Bebop appeared soon after the Swing and followed a contrary line completely. The Bebop had as great characteristics the bands with few musicians, normally two or three, and the complex rhythmic sequences, with ample dissonantes note use. This style does not have much acceptance until today enters the great public for possessing a very complex structure. The Bebop name came of the onomatopéia created for the jazzistas when imitating the taken off frantic sequences of its instruments.

Cool Jazz
This style started to be practised in 1949 in reply to the agile chords of the Bebop. The Cool was calmer, almost comparable to the Blues. It received this name for being considered a less emotiva part of the Jazz, cool would be a alusão the cold.

Free Jazz
The Free Jazz appeared in the decade of 60 of hitchhiking in the vanguardista movement of the time. The style is characterized by the improvisation, that in this in case that it is led to the extremity. In the Free Jazz the musicians do not follow no line nor subjects, them they leave previously of some agreed chords and from each musician he creates there what well to understand.

The style of Fusion Jazz was born of the mixture of the jazz with the Rock initiated in years 70. Later the mixture passed to be called only fusion. The style approached the jazz with the language of the time and became the style less complicated for the population. To make fusion the Jazz had that to place of side acoustic instruments for real the force of the electric instruments. The rhythmic complexity also is left of side.

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