New Bossa

* For 1932 return, Pink the Noel composer heard the expression “bossa”in classroom, in the College of Medicine of Rio De Janeiro. At the time, the word meant - in the medical jargon - “lump rounded off in the óssea surface of the skull” that, in accordance with a called science frenologia, determined the vocation and capacity of the people. It finished using the word in the samba “Is Coisas Ours”, using “bossa” with the aptitude direction, vocation.

* A group of sambistas formed by Mario Kings, Luiz Barbosa and Ciro Hunter adopted the term and passed if auto-to call “singers of bossa”.

* In the decade of 1950, the slang already had if spread for the city and any original or fancy thing she was called “bossa”.

* In 1958, the show of a group of modern music was announced as “Show with Sílvia Teles and a new set of bossa” for the Hebrew University Group. The participant of the event, composer and musical producer Ronaldo Bôscoli started to use “bossa” to define that type of music - a mixture of samba, bolero and jazz.

* “Untuned” music, composed for Tone Jobim and Newton Mendonça, are considered the first music of New Bossa. The term appears in the letter, in the stretch “If you insist on classifying My behavior of anti-musical comedy I myself lying you must argue That is New Bossa, that is very natural”.

* The musician João Gilbert is known as “Father of the New Bossa”.

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