Corporal language
Little people know, but the body is a great ally in the hour of paquera. Unconsciously, it emits signals that indicate the conquest possibilitiesduring the seduction ritual. He confers some of the gestures and movements and what they want to say:

I want to call the attention
Estufar the chest
To gesture exageradamente
To balance the body
To laugh and very high
To leave value objects the sample

I am interested
To look at three seconds for more than
To smile, showing or to not teeth them
To play the head stops backwards, generally when it smiles
To arrange the hair
To incline the body in direction the person

I feel attraction for you
Not to leave that in the distance it enters the bodies is superior the 1 meter
Not to allow that the silence intervals exceed 3 seconds more than
To allow that it is touched in the arms and the shoulders some times and to repay
To imitate the gestures of the person
Not to deviate the look

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