The signals of the lie
The liar, for better that he is, tends to present definitive attitudes that finish for denouncing it. Between them, he is:

# Desviar the eyes when asked on delicate subjects.

# Piscar the eyes more frequently.

# Piscar quickly when the colloquy declines for a comprometedor topic.

# To incline stops backwards.

# Responder? not? e to balance the head affirmatively, exactly that of light.

# Respirar in small e fast golfadas and to lard them with long and deep sighs.

# Evitar to point the finger or to emphasize the words with ample movements of the arms.

# When telling a history, making? bridges of texts? , that they consist of artificial accelerations of the sequence of the facts.

# Pedir that the interlocutor repeats the question, with intention to gain more time in the elaboration of a reply.

# not to speak badly of itself, exactly in subjects that nothing does not have to see with the lie.

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