Kinsey scales

* Alfred Charles Kinsey was born in day 23 of June of 1864 in the city of Hoboken, in New Jersey, United States. Biologist and professor of zoology, Kinsey established in 1947 the 'Institute ofResearch on the Sex, Sort and Reproduction ". In 1948, it published the first including research on the sexuality of the North Americans.

* Alfred Kinsey was famous for developing the “Kinsey Scale”, that it classifies the sexual orientation in one scales of 0 the 6. In accordance with the results of the research at the time, made with 18 a thousand volunteers, 46% of the North Americans if classified as bissexuais.

Kinsey scales

0 - Exclusively heterosexuals
1 - Predominantly heterosexuals, but with sporadical experiences homosexuals.
2 - Preferential heterosexuals, but with experiences regular homosexuals.
3 - Bissexuais
4 - Preferential homosexuals, but with experiences regular heterosexuals.
5 - Predominantly homosexuals, but with experiences sporadical heterosexuals.
6 - Exclusively homosexuals.

* The research of Kinsey was made by means of interviews. Kinsey believed that the people lay less when they were face-the-face with the researcher.

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