Protestantismo or reform
The founder of the protestantismo was Martinho Lutero. To restore the cathedral of São Paulo, the Pope Lion X started to vender indulgences, that would diminish the punishment of the pecador. Infuriated with this, in 31 of October of 1517 Lutero he denounced prátic. He called it to the Pope “drunk German”. Lutero said that the Pope was not “better of what any another stinking pecador”. It finished excomungado.

To the being threatened with the fogueira, Lutero if took refuge in Germany, where if it dedicated to the translation of the New Will of the Greek for the German.

As leader spiritual of the new Church, that celebrated only the sacramentos of the baptism and communion, Lutero fought for the elimination of the celibacy. It married the former-nun Katharina von Bora.

Its protests if had spread for all the Europe, earning adhesion of João Calvin, who systemize the basic points of the protestantismo.

After these reforms, the protestant branches if had multiplied and today they are more than 200.

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