In 1930, the Japanese Massaharu Taniguchi published the first editionof a magazine contends diverse reflections on faith, life and truth, result of long years of studies and research on different philosophies and religions. The work marked the sprouting of the Seicho-knot-IE. This doctrine if does not bind to no religious denomination and fold that all come the same from universal God. Its teachings also search to acquire knowledge the men on the preciosidade of the life of all the human beings.

Today, the Seicho-knot-IE has centers in the United States, Germany, Canada and Brazil, beyond Japan. In ground national, it was brought by Japanese immigrants. During 50 years, until its death, to the 91 years, the proper Taniguchi took care of of the propagation of its thoughts, carrying through in the whole world radiof├┤nicas lectures and transmissions. The publication of periodicals, magazines and books, by the way, is one of the marcantes characteristics of the Seicho-knot-IE. It is also counted that, after the spreading of its writings in the decade of 30, had started to occur amazing facts, as the cure of illnesses. This relieved it its founder the heading of “Man Miracle of Japan”.

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