Yuri Gagarin

* Its full name was Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin.

* It was born in 9 of March of 1935, the city of Klushino, old Soviet Union.

*History to participating of the first manned orbital flight in 12 of April of 1961 entered it.

* It did not have that to command espaçonave, since the Vostok-1 was completely automatic. He was only spectator.

* When it sighted the Land of the space said the famous phrase: “The Land is blue”.

* The trip lasted 1h48, time enough to give a return around the planet.

* When it was only the 7 kilometers of the soil it set in motion the jettisonable accent and it finished the descending with the aid of a parachute. One feared that the impact of the capsule with the soil was very strong for the cosmonaut. In 70 years the reason of the unexpected descending was only disclosed, since the Soviets did not want to disqualify the trip.

* Yuri Gagarin was not astronaut, but pilot of the Soviet Air Force, as well as all the candidates the cosmonaut for the mission.

* He enters days 29 of July and 5 of August of 1961, Gagarin he visited São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and Brasilia and was decorated by president Jânio Pictures with the Order of the Southern Cross.

* Still in the visit to Brazil a boy baptized with its name knew: Yuri Gagarin Da Silva.

* In Brasilia, he affirmed: “The impression that I have is to be arriving in a different planet”.

* He was responsible for the first contact diplomatist between Brazil and the Soviet Union. Gagarin took to the Jânio a message of Nikita Kruchev, Soviet leader. The diplomatical relations between the two countries if had materialize in December of 1961.

* After its death, in 1968, its native city, Klushino, the west of Moscow, was rebaptized of Gagarin.

* It was third of four children.

* It measured only 1,58 meters and it weighed 69 kilos when it embarked for the space.

* A center of training in the city of Baikonur, Cazaquistão, takes its name.

* In 1993 its uniform was auctionzed by 112.500 dollars.

* The space capsule Vostok 1 was round and had of less than 2 meters and way of diameter.

* On the gravity it affirmed: “All the untied objects floated in air and saw I them I eat if they were in a dream”.

* From fear to be substituted in the historical mission did not sleep in the night that preceded the take-off.

* Yuri Gagarin died in an air accident in day 27 of March of 1968, victim of an imperfection in the low cloud forecast.

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