# the Sputnik was the first artificial satellite launched by the Soviet Union. The launching happened in 4 of October of 1967, ofthe Cosmódromo de Baikonur, in the old Soviet Union (current Cazaquistão).

# This satellite was the first object manufactured for the man to gravitate the Land.

# Age a sphere of 58,5 cm (the same that a ball of basquete) and weighed 83,6 kg Had four antennas - two measured 2,4 meters and the others two, 2,9 meters.

# Sputnik left the Land in a R-7 rocket, that weighed four tons.

# Its function was to frequently send for the Land a 40 radio control of 20 and mega watts, easily caught for amateur radios.

# By means of the duration of the “beeper”, the technician Soviet had information on the temperature and the pressure in the space, beyond having the certainty that Sputnik had not been reached for no meteorite.

# Sputnik was in the space for three months, but the two batteries, made of radio and zinc, had only fed the transmitters per 22 days.

# the word “sputnik” means friend, fellow traveller.

# the launching of Sputnik caused panic in the United States. Six months after the launching of the artificial satellite a research showed that 60% of the Americans believed that a nuclear war was imminent, and that, because of it, half of the Americans would die.

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