007 - James Bond

* James Bond was created by the English writer Ian Fleming in 1953. Fascinated for the world of the espionage and for he will bacará, it imagined a personage who was an ideal version of itself exactly: he worked for the English private service, had luck in the game and well-was occurred with the women.

* Fleming used the name of an ornithologist to baptize the agent. The James Bond of truth is researcher and author of the book “Birds of the West Indies” (“Birds of the Guianas”).

* The personage James Bond was inspired in a private agent of British intelligence called Lionel “Buster” Crabb. He gives credit yourself that Lionel has been died in April of 1956, during a mission. The objective age to dive in the seas of the south of England to inspect, private, a Russian ship. It was the beginning of the Cold War.

* The zeros in the front of its number of code mean that it has license to kill when it will be the service of the queen of England.

* “007 Against the Rocket of the Death” (1979), had some scenes filmed in Brazil. In the film, the Cataracts of the Iguaçu are shown as part of the Amazonian Forest.

* The car of James Bond in “007 Against Golden Eye” is a BMW Z3.

* The preferred drink of James Bond is dry martini moved, never beaten.

* The film “Golden Eye” brings substantial alterations in at least a point. Bond abandoned its favourite champagne mark, the Dom Perignon, and substituted it for the competitor Bollinger Great Année 1988.

* In the adaptation of books for the cinema, the SMERSH - agency composed politician of retaliation basically for Russians - gave place to the SPECTRE, type of union to freelancer of the crime. These two fictitious organizations are the main enemies of Bond.

* Albert “Cubby” Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, owners of the EON Productions (responsible for the production of the long ones of 007), had at the beginning bought the rights on books of Ian Flemming of 60. But two headings had been of it are of the acquisition: “Casino Royale” and “Thunderball”. This last one had legal empecilhos because the co-author of the workmanship was the producer Kevin McClory, that later co-produced the film most productive of the series in years 60 - “007 Against the Atomic Blackmail” (refilmado in 1984 with the heading “Never Plus Another Time”).

* Sean Connery was rejected the principle to interpret the private agent. An executive of the company arrived to affirm, mentioning the past to it of the actor: “I do not go to show a covered with star film for a cargo loader”.

* In 2005, the British actor Daniel Craig, of 37 years, was chosen to interpret James Bond in the refilmagem of “Casino Royale”, the twentieth film of the series. The choice caused controversy: Craig is blond and James Bond traditionally brown. In the first scene of fight, Craig took one beats and finished losing two teeth.

* The used golden pistol in film “007 Against the Man with the Golden Pistol” (1974) was stolen of the studio where she was kept, in Hertfordshire, England. Evaluated in about 180 a thousand Reals, the weapon was used in the film for the villain Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee), contracted to kill the spy James Bond (Roger Moore). The real life, the policy believes that the weapon will fall in the black market of the collectors. The crime happened in 10 of October of 2008.

* “007 - Quantum of Solace” is continuation of the previous episode, “Royale Casino”. James Bond wants to avenge the death of its loved Vesper (Eva Green) at the same time where combat the “country-villain” of the time (Bolivia) and tries to save the world of an ambient disaster.

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