Soup of letrinhas

# Probably the first poet born in Brazilian lands was Blessed Teixeira. Its Prosopopéia book was published in Lisbon, in the year of 1601.

# the writer of scientific fiction Julio Verne flied only one time. It went up in a balloon in 1873.

# the house where João inhabited the São Paulo writer Antonio caught fire and the fire burnt all the originals. Stubborn, it wrote everything of new. Malagueta, Perus and Bacanaço, the rewritten, published book in 1963, turned classic.

# the native of São Paulo Jose Carlos Inoue entered for the Guinness - Book of the Records. It has the record of published romances already in the world. They had been 1,200, under 39 different pseudonyms.

# French author Georges Perec was maniac for lists. It arrived until writing one with the things that would like to make before dying.

# Mencionar its name, of its better the friend or some known in its workmanships consisted of one of the favourite tricks of the Argentine Jorge Borges Luis.

# Practically all the romances of Jose Saramago has a dog between the personages.

# In 1975, Clarice Lispector participated of a congress of witchcraft in Colombia. It started its speech saying: “I have little to say on magic. In the truth, I find that our contact with the supernatural one must be made in silence and a deep solitary meditation”.

# the catarinense writer Cristóvão Tezza always writes the first version of its workmanships by hand, although to know to move in the computer.

# In 1934, Cecília Meirelles took a tea of chair of the poet Fernando Person. It and the husband had combined a meeting with the author in a bar in Lisbon (Portugal), but it never appeared. The couple waited for two hours. To compensate the absence, Person ordered the Cecília an edition of the book Message with the dedication: “The Cecília Meireles, high poet, and the Leather strap Days, artist, old friend and until abetter, in the invocation of the Apolo and Atena, Fernando Person”.

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