# the king of the forests appeared in 1914, and was bolado by the American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, who never put the feet in the forest.

# Tarzan was son of English noblemen, John and Alice Clayton, who had been assassinated by a group of gorilas in the coast of equatorial Africa. It was educated by a called monkey Kala. It was married Jane (son of an American professor) and had had a son.

# In the cinema, the name of the boy was Boy. Already in the romances, it if it called Jack, that the monkeys did not obtain to pronounce and said “Korak”.

# in the cinema the monkey of Tarzan was Only called Chita. In books and the livened up drawings its name was Nikima.

# the registered mark of Tarzan is its possante shout,

# When dying, in 1950, Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of the Tarzan, was embedded in a city of the state of called California Tarzana. In the language of the monkeys, Tarzan means “skin white”.

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