Kung fu

* For the Chinese, its meaning is ample and encloses allthe fight forms that are trained as art and method of physical autoperfeição and spiritual.

* It was created by the agriculturists whom they needed to defend its lands. The expression “kung-fu” can be translated as “continuous work”.

* In century 5 d.C monges of the Buddhist temple Shao-lin had developed the styles practised until today.

* The movements of attack and defense had been inspired in some animals, as the eagle, garça, the tiger, the grasshopper and the monkey.

* The fighters who possess tattooings of these animals are showing its style of fight.

* The sport, that also is called wushu in China, was popularized by the Bruce actor Lee.

* The exímio fighter estreou in Hollywood in the end of years 60 and made one short career in the screens. He died to the 33 years.

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