Eggs of Virgin, one would iguaria Chinese cozida in piss.

In the majority of the places of the world, the spring is marked by the coloring and smells of flowers unclasping, but in Chinese cities as Dongyang I smell it characteristic is of piss for the streets. I do not smell it of drunk foliões mijando in walls and alleys, but emanated of great Egg vases of Virgin. Known for dan Tongzi (literally boy egg ") they are one old listed culinária tradition as part of the cultural património of Dongyong, fellow creature to tea eggs - eggs cooked in soy gravy and vinegar. The only difference is that the Eggs of Virgin are cooked in piss.

Salesmen collect piss of virgin boys in the schools of first degree around of the city and use as the main ingredient for its incpmum would iguaria of street. Buckets of plático are placed outside of the classrooms and the boys are remembered to make pee in them, unless they are sick. The pee is then used daily pay-to cook eggs, the rind then is lightly broken to allow that the flavor adentre and after that is cooked again.

All the hard process of stew and lathe of one day entire. Some people say that they have the flavor of the spring, while others affirm that they are so gostosos that they could eat a dozen per day.

According to local belief, the Eggs of Virgin help to diminish the heat of the body to help to face the hot days of summer, and improve the sanguineous circulation, despite piss does not contain, basically, no propitious substance for the health human being.

One chef of local kitchen said that it plans to export the “technique” so that people of ocidente can prove the taste of the such egg. Of any form, if you were interested in proving, are enough to obtain a bucket of piss and stocking dozen of eggs to know the delights of mijados eggs.

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