Apple prevents cardiac illnesses

A new study presented in American Dietetic Association (ADA) in the annual Conference of Feeding and Nutrition it disclosed plus a benefit of surprising health acquired by the apple ingestion.

According to research made in the University of Michigan Health System, to eat apples and derivatives estresse reduces it oxidativo in the organism, it increases the cardiac function and of the health and reduces the high pressure and the cholesterol. He is not toa that when I small age my father said always me:
“Ein Apfel am Tag… und Ihr Doktor bleibt arbeitslos”, that is, “an apple per day… and its doctor goes to be dismissed”.

For the study, the scientists had tested the effect of the pectina of apple, a rich composition in staple fibres found in apples (logical), and they had used in rats that were inclined to the obesidade. They had compared the rats in the groups of apple and the other group of rats fed with a diet standard without apples. All the rats consumed constant amounts of the total of calories, sugars and staple fibres.

In the end of the period of evaluation, the rats in the groups of apple had presented considerable improvements in the health in general, with little cases of cardiac illness that the group of rats that was not fed with apples.

E this research was a little more ahead. They had caught the group of rats that was fed with apples, and had added an American typical diet, with high text of fat. Together with this greasy diet, a made liofilizado entire apple dust was given to the group. It is as if it was a concentrated nutricional apple supplement. The results had shown a benefit of health of the heart that was beyond the cholesterol reduction by itself “, explain the Dr. Mitch Seymour, leader researcher of the study.

The powerful antirust substances and fitoquímicos in apples help to reduce the actual damages for the free radicals. As result, the main markers of the cardiac illness are mitigated.

The apples are equally beneficial for the digestive system, because they supply to the intestine healthful bacteria and if you to want to prevent cancer development, know that the apple rind is rich in composites triterpenóides that they hinder the formation of cancerous cells. But also, unhappyly, she is rich in agrotóxico. Thus, it prefers apples organic or then it washes them very well. It leaves them in a solution of 1litro of water with a sodium bicarbonate soup spoon. It leaves apples of gravy at least one hour. Later it washes them in current water still more.

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