Scientists find new bacterium that lives of caffeine.

Scientists of the University of Iwoa, in the United States, had discovered a new a bacterium that lives of caffeine in a type of flower that had in the campus. The putida Pseudomonas digests the existing caffeine in the ground and some species of plants, as the coffee, grass-kills and the cacao.

Previous research already showed some bacteria that if they fed of the present caffeine in vegetables and served as natural pesticides. But not if wise person as they digested the composition. Now the researchers had discovered that putida the Pseudomonas bacterium uses the N-demethylase enzyme to break the caffeine in dioxide of carbon and ammonia, thus to use to advantage it.

The team isolated the genes of the putida P. that they had distrusted to be the responsible ones for producing the caffeine enzyme digestora. Later they had inserted the genes in a different bacterium and capsize that it also started to digest the composition.

The discovery will be able to help in the treatment of some problems of health. This because the by-products generated for the caffeine in addition are the base for some used remedies to treat asthma, to improve the sanguineous flow and to fight the cardiac arrhythmia. As these products they are difficult to be produced in laboratory, the enzyme of the bacterium could be a simpler form to manufacture them.

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