Brazil studies to include insects in the diet of the people

Already it thought to go to the supermarket and, instead of 1 kg of bovine meat, to buy 500 grasshopper g, cricket or larva of ant? Therefore this reality can be part of the life of all the Brazilians very soon!
Owner of a company that creates and commercializes insects, the mining entrepreneur Otávio Luiz You can Gonçalves asked for to the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying that its business recognized as a “producing establishment of insects for human consumption” and finished fomenting, in the government, the debate on the legalization of the entomofagia - that is, the practical one to eat insects - in Brazil.
The Ministry of Agriculture not yet answered to the order of Gonçalves, but it asked for bibliographical indication to the entrepreneur, alleging that if it deals with controversial subject, but that it will be argued, for representing real chance to fight the global heating in Brazil and the world.
This because, in accordance with research of the University of Wageningen, in Holland, the creation of insects emits an amount of gases of the effect very lesser greenhouse of what the cattle one. In the case of grasshoppers, for example, the methane emission arrives to be 10 times lesser and of nitrous oxide, 300 times. Moreover, the production of insects also would help in the preservation of the forests, that they would not need to be destroyed for the advance of the pastures.
Data of the FAO - Organization of United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding - that also walks arguing the possibility to include insects in the diet human being - still they show that about 80% of the countries they possess insects in its cardápio and 23 of these nations are in the American continent. It will be that the Ministry of Agriculture will legalize the entomofagia and Brazil will be the next one to enter, officially, for this list?
In case that the proposal of Gonçalves is accepted, for the entomofagia, really, to make the difference in the combat to the global heating, the population would have that to change to the bovine meat and suína for the one of insect. You would change?

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