Top 10 foods that detonate its health

What it does not kill, fattening, said our mothers. Or we ourselves, when we want to eat salgadinho that it fell in the soil. The problem is that some things not only get fat (and very), as well as can kill to the few.

But it does not need to be despaired. This that does not want to say that we cannot more eat that portion of potato fries or that one docinho in the dessert. “Nothing it is forbidden, but these foods must be consumed with lesser frequency. A reasonable measure is to include an one of them in the cardápio time per week. But only one of them. To eat dog-hot with potato fries, for example, never”, it explains Flavia Moral, coordinator of the department of nutrition of the net of natural products Green World. The tip of it is to look at the label of the product to check its ingredients. E is intent: the first item of the list of ingredients, generally, is what it is present in bigger amount in the food. Therefore, if sugar or fat will be in the top of the list in the packing, either better to perhaps look a more healthful option.

With the aid of nutritionists, we list the 10 types of more harmful foods to the health. Care with them!

10 - Sugar

“The sugar, in special the fine one, is 100% calorie, without nutricional value”, affirms the Thais nutritionist. Yes, it becomes the life and foods more candies and all. But, when consumed in excess, he is stored in our body under the form of triglicérides, increasing the risk of the development of cardiovascular illnesses. Moreover, for being caloric, he can lead to the obesidade and, with it, increase the risk of diabetes, hipertensão and dislipidemias. According to nutritionists, as much sacarose (table sugar) how much the sugars of industrial use are related to me the quality of the health. Then, already he saw: nothing to sweeten excessively cafezinho.

9 - Margarina

According to one it searches dutch, some margarinas provoke as much males for the arteries how much the fat of animal origin, known as saturated. Aa margarinas is of vegetal origin, that is, its insaturadas fats do not costumam if to deposit in the sanguineous vases. But the dutches had observed that a component of definitive margarinas, the acid elaídico, even so if does not accumulate in the vases, provoke the reduction of the beneficial lipídios of high density. These receive the nickname from good cholesterol, because they clean the organism of the fat of low density, the bad cholesterol, that obstructs the circulation of the blood. As of the one not to know if definitive mark it contains or not it substance, sends regards that for precaution, if it prevents any type of fat.

8 - Barbecue

Ok, to fry is bad. But it takes care when to decide to also make a barbecue. In this in case that, the problem is in the preparation process, and not with the food: according to Thais nutritionist, the smoke of the coal liberates aromatical tar and policíclicos hydro-carbons, substances with high cancerígeno potential.

7 - Frituras

Exactly that you use vegetal oil of good quality to fry its potatoes or beefburger, to eat foods fritos makes badly. The fritura makes with that chemical alterations in the used oil occur, leaving of being a source of insaturada fat (in the case of vegetal oils), basic for our health, and giving place to the saturated fat, that in excess can cause diverse illnesses. This process can also promote the formation of the fat trans, that directly it is related to the increase of cardiovascular illnesses and the worsening of the picture of health in a general way. Moreover, the extreme heat ruins the chemical structure of the fat molecule, producing a substance potentially cancerígena call acroleína.

6 - Cooling

“Beyond possessing many artificial substances in its composition, the cooling one contains almost null nutricional value”, affirms Thais. The variations glue, in special, have a great amount of fosfatos, that in excess provoke the release of calcium and the consequent weakness of the bones, facilitating the incidence of illnesses as osteoporose. “Beyond being rich in sugar, the drink has the capacity to deceive the related organic systems to the control of the ingested calories, presenting close relation with the extreme profit of weight and the obesidade”, adds Rafael Clearly. E, unless you are diabetic, does not advance to try diet - they are still worse! “Cooling they contain many chemical substances, but at least they are made with sugar, that is something that the body recognizes and can digest. Already cooling diet, beyond all these substances, still contain aspartame as sweetener. Its metabolization generates methanol, toxic substance for the neurons that, in excess, neural degeneration provokes and is related the illnesses as badly of Alzheimer”, explains Flavia Moral.

5 - Salgadinhos

It is this same. Another dangerous delight that we adore to consume at ócio moments. The salgadinhos also are sources of monossódico glutamato, that sódico salt that creates a encorpado flavor to the product. But you already saw back in item 3 of what this composition is capable.

4 - Stuffed biscuit

These small temptations with chocolate filling, strawberry or what it will be are non-separable of idle afternoons in the front of the television attending some film on one galera of the racket preparing high confusions. “Loaded with sugars, these small dainties possess frightful energy density”, say the nutritionist Clearly Rafael Moreira, Researcher of the Department of Nutrition of the College of Public Health of the USP. Beyond the sugar excess, the stuffed biscuits still contain much saturated fat, what it favors the increase of the LDL (the “bad cholesterol”) and the reduction of the HDL, considered the “good cholesterol”. The disequilibrium in the cholesterol taxes is factor of risk for the sprouting of serious cardiovascular illnesses. E, to complete, the used additives to give color to these big cookies also are harmful to the health and are associates to the hiperatividade and deficit of attention.

3 - Industrialized broths and temperos

It decided to cook? Good for you. But another tip goes here: it makes its proper one I temper and I forget the industrialized ones. They possess high sodium texts and monossódico glutamato. Sodium, if consumed beyond the recommended daily limits, can lead to the development of the hipertensão or to get worse the problem if it already exists. The problem of the glutamato is still worse: studies have shown that to our it uses it organism as a transmitter of nervous impulses in the brain and its consumption has been associated with learning difficulties, Badly of Alzheimer, Parkinson and cancer.

2 - Inlaid (sausage, linguiça, mortadela, ham, salame)

Ok, you is not adept of the congealed ones, but lanchinho of mortadela adores one. Or a dog-hot one. We feel to inform, but you are not in a better situation, not. “These foods to the meat base, known as inlaid works, had been invented to facilitate the preparations and to increase the stated period of validity of the food. The problem is that they possess greater text of fat saturated in relation to the natural meat”, explains Thais Souza. This type of fat, found mainly in products of animal origin, brings risks to the health when ingested in excess, therefore it stimulates the increase of the cholesterol levels and the risk of development of cardiovascular illnesses. The inlaid works also contain sodium excess - what it can provoke high pressure - and corantes - that they can cause allergies and problems in the stomach. Finally, still it has there many conservantes, as the nitrito and nitrate. Into our organism, them they are converted into potentially cancerígenas substances.

1 - Congealed ready meals

You arrive in hunger house dying and are tired excessively to cook something. Then, he looks at for the microwaves, one remembers lasanha frozen that he has in bendiz freezer and this pretty technology that facilitates its life. But it is good for not empolgar itself in such a way. This type of half-soon food is rich in saturated fat, that makes to go up the levels of the bad cholesterol and increases the risk to develop cardiovascular illnesses. “Such meals also are rich in sodium that, in excess, can cause increase of the arterial pressure”, it affirms the Thais nutritionist Souza. It decided to change for the pizza? It does not advance. The risk is, basically, the same.

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