Projector headlights

The light that you found in, unlike the bulbs of car headlights, has no fragile filament, Rather than leave your car more beautiful and with a modern look, there are many advantages:
The lighthouse on the part consumes less power in your car, thereby requiring less of your battery and, consequently generating less heat.
By having a stronger light, the light of the lighthouse is more easily noticed from a greater distance. This increases the safety in roads, expressway or even a car in the opposite direction.
For often be seen as a luxury accessory in cars, the headlamp increases the value of your car at the time of sale.
These and many other advantages you have from the time you add to your vehicles headlights and a spotlight for purchasing this product you need to know the, packaged by the wave of car "tweaked" many drivers come in workshops to exchange and headlights lamps by more modern components, attractive and with more advanced technology, currently, most vehicles use the headlights of the parabolic or composed of two parabolic reflectors. The model uses a halogen lamp with double-stranded internal baffle, specific to this type of headlight. Thus, the low beam takes only the top of the parabola, while the top reflects the entire region of the component. His lens is light and evenly distributes the light, elliptical models, more appropriate to use low beam, consist of an elliptical reflector and a shield, which blocks some of the light, leaving the rest to pass the you found the most varied types of projector headlights and you still see a wide variety of accessories for you to be equipping your car, please come to right now, accessories and quality with great prices and total security for you make your purchase only in carid. com with you.

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