Voice ages

Everything ages in our body, and is clearly that the voice did not go to be outside of this.
The voice is the result of the sound produced for the vibration of the air that is removed ofthe s pulmões for the diaphragm and that it passes for the vocal ropes, suffering to influenced alterations skin mouth, lips and language.

The aging of the voice is provoked by the thickening of the vocal ropes, hormonais and emotional reduction of movements of the joints, alterations, bad habits, calcificação of the cartilages, atrophy of the laríngea musculatura and the loss of the pulmonary capacity.
We better have vocal performance between the 25 and 40 years of age.

The men tend to initiate the process of vocal alteration for return of the 30 years, while in the women this starts to happen for return of the 50, when arrive the menopause.

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