Adolf Hitler

1. Hitler was Austrian, believes? It was born in one cidadezinha called Braunau am Inn located in the north Austria, that at the timeof the birth of Hitler was part of the Empire Áutro-Hungarian. It only became German citizen in 1932.

2. Hitler was a last name generated for the error of a priest. The father of Hitler was illegitimate child e, for this, did not have the last name of its father. Later that the grandfather of Hitler died, the father of it obtained that a priest granted the recognition to it of the paternity. In the hour to write the name, Hiedler for Hitler changed. From there he was thus same.

3. Hitler disapproved one year and left the school to the 16. It knows why? Its father wanted that it was a type of public server, Hitler wanted to be… guesses… painter (it is not of wall and yes of pictures). Later that its father died, Hitler left the school and it was if to venture in Vienna to the costs of the pension that received because of the father. The Academy of Beautiful Arts of Vienna rejected its filiation two times, arguing that it had more talent for Architecture. But it is not that Hitler obtained to vender several of its paintings?

4. Hitler was a soldier who fought in the First War. In 1918, no longer final one of the War, Hitler arrived at a campaign hospital victim of an attack with gas mustard (Knows who produced this gas for the Germans in II the War? The Bayer). Some psychologists say that, even so the gas could cause blindness, Hitler was blind per three days as resulted of a histérica conversion. Translating: he was something created by its mind.

5. Hitler wrote a called book Mein Kampf (My Fight) that it served of ideological base for all its madnesses. It wanted as much that its book was read that it gave copies of it until as wedding present.

6. In day 20 of April of 1945, while the Soviet army went entering in Berlin, Hitler commemorated anniversary its 56º in its shelter. One of its generals ordered to distribute chocolates to the troops in honor to the anniversary of the Führer.

7. To guarantee that the cyanide that would take to commit suicide efficient age, Hitler made a test in its cachorra. Coitadinha died, is clearly.

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