The Disappeared Island of Atlantis

The debate on the existence of the Atlantis is well old. Since the times of the Greek philosopher Platão, the Atlantis with its splendid civilization, it arrives at the actuais days as an enigma that originatedthe book publication innumerable.

Teses of carácter geologic, archaeological and others has served to sharpen the human spirit in the search of the existence of the enigmatic continent. I will go to deal with here these teses, that will be able to give to carácter scientific to our searches.

Of all the lost legends on peoples and civilizations, the history of Atlantis seems to be that one that more interest has despertado.

The first written reference of this myth meets in the stories of Platão. In the dialogues Timeu and Crítias the fascinating history of the located civilization is told “stops beyond the columns of Hércules”. The existence of this continental island is described, as well as the historical details of its people, with its social organization, religious politics and, beyond its geography and also of its fatídica destruction.

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