The Discovery Radio

In this time of mercantilism, valley the example of Pierre and Marie Curie, whom in 1898 the Radio of the Pechblenda/uranita discovered.

Pierre and Marie could have required the patent to produce the new metal and if to become millionaire.

However it refused using arguing that it would be against the scientific spirit.

Not even when it received Nobel de Física, in 1903, a more comfortable life was allowed. It divided the prize with friends.

More on the Radio (Frog)
The Radio (of Latin “radius”, ray) is a chemical element of symbol Frog, atomic number 88 (88 prótons and 88 electrons) with 226 atomic mass [] u, pertaining the family of metals alkaline-terroso, group 2 of the periodic classification of the elements. To the ambient temperature, the radio meets in the solid state.

It is a radioactive metal highly found in minerals of Uranian as in pechblenda. Its applications are derived from its radioactive character. He was used in medicine, however substituted for more efficient radioisótopos.

Pechblenda is a variety, probably impure, of uraninita. Of it the Uranian one is removed, that it is constituent of many rocks. It is extracted of the ore, purificado and concentrated under the form of a salt of yellow color, known as “yellowcake”. Signfiica Yellowcake, literally, “yellow cake”. It must its name to the intense yellow, characteristic coloration of secondary composites of Uranian, as it can be seen in the figure that illustrates this page.

The ore of Uranian is removed of the mine and, after extration processes, are sent for plant of improvement for attainment of the Uranian concentrate of, whose chemical composition is the diuranato of ammonia, known as yellowcake or concentrated of U3O8.

Brazil is owner of the fifth bigger reserve of Uranian of the world, of approximately 300 a thousand tons.

It was in a sample of pechblenda that Marie Curie discovered the radio.

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