Scientists create battery of cellular that she recharges in 10 seconds

Not, you did not read wrong. A revolutionary battery that is recharged in only 10 seconds, instead of some hours, was criada for American scientists north of the Massachusetts Institute of Tecnology (MIT).

The secret is in a new device that more fast receives load 100 times from what a conventional battery, being able to be used in cellular, portable computers, iPods and digital cameras.

The same technology also will be able to allow that an electric car has more autonomy of use, eliminating one of the biggest obstacles for the nature: the use of a cleaner fuel. Moreover, the involved team in the development affirms that its invention uses materials that already are available, becoming simpler the production in mass of the battery.

What everything indicates, the model of lithium-fer-fosfato battery (LiFePO4) will be lesser and lighter of what the current models. Currently, the batteries of LiFePO4 allow to store great amounts of energy, but the load processes and discharge delay some hours.

According to Daily Mail, with the discovery of Byoungwoo Kang and Gerbrand Ceder, scientists of the MIT, a battery of car could, since that it has an adapted porter, be recharged in five minutes, against the six or eight hours that delay currently.

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