How appear the black holes?
The black holes appear of the “mortal remains” of the stars. While active, them they are remained alive, therefore the heat who emanatepushes its mass for the exterior whereas it pulls them to the gravity for inside, thus keeping a constant balance. However, as soon as its “fuel” finishes and they erase themselves, only the gravity remain, sucking its surface for the center and becoming them extremely dense. When the star is very great, the generated gravity is so strong that everything that if to approach is sucked for inside. Not even the light, the element fastest of the universe, obtains to escape. A body of the size of our Sun (1.394.000 km) needs to reach only 6 km of diameter for such. What it is equivalent to transform the biggest mountain of the Land into a butterfly, but keeping the weight of the mountain. Apocalyptic of plantão, they are calmed! For the formation of a hole it is necessary that the star is very bigger that our Sun (about 3,2 solar masses), then that it erased, we would exactly not be sucked, would only die of cold.

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