The smallest vertebrate of the world lives in Indonesia

The smaller vertebrate animal of the world was discovered in ilhof Samatra, in Indonesia. The “recordista” is a fish with 7,9 millimeters of length.

The “progenetic Paedocypris” is a fish of the family of the carp but of dimensions much more reduced. The adult specimens measure between 7,9 and 8.6 millimeters of length, consonant if deals with females or males.

Although its very small size, the fish possesss pelvic barbatanas with bonanza great muscles that use to grasp the female during the acasalamento, they assure the investigators.

The “progenetic Paedocypris” is still characterized for having a transparent body, when adult, what them of a appearance of a larva, and for living in dark waters, one hundred more acid times of what the water of rain.

The food scarcity does not seem to worry these specimens that, given its size, if saciam with a small amount of plâncton. The investigators believe that with the destruction of its habitat already some populations of this type of fish have themselves lost, but lull to sleep the hope still to have time to investigate more on the species.

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