Cylindrical region that surrounds the Land, in which the solar wind is sped up by the terrestrial magnetic field. At the beginning of the decade of 60 it was uncovered, from measurescarried through for satellite, that the magnetic field of the Land is not extended indefinitely, but is limited to a socket in the interior of the solar system call magnetosphere or magnetic pack.

Wind that turns Light
This socket is created by the interaction of the plasma in high temperatures, deriving of the Sun (the solar wind), with the regions most external and of lesser terrestrial magnetic field strength. One of the sides of the socket points in the direction of the Sun, with its known border as magnetopause, situated about ten terrestrial rays.

In the opposing side, the magnetosphere is extended in a long tail that goes beyond the orbit of the Moon. Other planets that have magnetic fields, such as Mercúrio and Jupiter, also have magnetosphere. In the magnetosphere, the loaded particles are sped up by the change De Campos magnetic and form the cinturões of radiation of Van Allen and the dawns. The magnetosphere protects the Land of harmful the cosmic rays.

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