The Theory of the Chaos

Since that it appeared as a structure of articulated ideas, in the decade of 60, the theory of the Chaos has excited new, ample and formidable debates on the cause relations and effect that conduct the Universe. During centuries, the scientists had exclusively analyzed the phenomenato the light of the laws of the classic physics. In the last few decades, however, new experiences had indicated that small shunting lines in the initial conditions of a process are capable to radically modify it with elapsing of the time. One is about already the famous “effect-butterfly”. In accordance with this formula-saying, beating of wing of the insect, in Asia, can determine or hinder the occurrence of a terrible storm in the United States. On the basis of new studies, perceive that an incredible and subtle microscopical order of relations is present where before it was presumed that it had only the chaos.

All the events, of most current most complex, obey this fantastic anonymous system of organization. Of this form, the functioning of the heart of a duck, the rain regimen in a tropical forest and the translacionais cycles of the planets have something in common. Are processes regulated for micron-factors that escape to the conventional disgnostic of the veterinarian, the meteorologista and the astronomer. Many times, the whims of this order badly understood are responsible for frightful manifestations of the imponderable one. Why it rained in such a way in this estiagem month? Why occurred such genetic mutation? Why, kicked by the line of deep, the ball took such effect and fell inside of the goal?

These news and until fantasmagóricos concepts have been wide used in the explanation of physical phenomena.

On specialists to sciences human beings, however, identify to the " finger " of the chaos in revolutions politics, transformations economic and the modification of customs and moral rules. The enthusiastic shout of a stranger in the multitude, gone off in thousandth of as appropriate, can be the last vital e necessary element to the deflagration of an armed conflict. The photo of a naked artist, or a simple kiss, can detonate irreversible processes of alteration in the way of a people to conceive the sex and the privacy.

In recent years, the development of the computers has proportionate a fast evolution in the knowledge of the models that determine “bagunça” of the great cosmic house. The capacity to carry through millions of calculations in few seconds, allows the machines to find necessary standards in events before had as random. The great challenge of today is to undertake the trip in return of the fractais whirlwinds of infinite depths. It is treated to decipher the order invisible and to extend the lowermost control of the man on the nature.

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