Engine air: the revolution

A moved car air? E functions? To these questions, placed with an incredulity tone, French engineer Guy Nègre, always answers with full “yes, functions” E to corroborate suthe affirmation, it enters in its small MDI “MiniCat” moved compressed air and to circulate starts it.

Without a doubt none, the car the compressed air invented by French engineer Guy Nègre, will be one of the biggest technician-scientific advances of Century 21. Guy Nègre, invented an engine with the capacity to put into motion an car to a speed of up to 110/130 km/h, with a cost R$ 6,00 (six 250/300 Reals) to each km run, and, in addition, having the advantage of not only poluir the atmosphere as, also, of purificar air.

Group MDI - Moteur Developpement International that developed this clean vehicle was, recently, presented in London, Paris and São Paulo. With more than 50 licenses of manufacture spread by the world, the MDI soon soon will be circulating in the streets of France, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Italy, New Zelândia, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Panama.

Group MDI - Moteur Developpement International more than has its matrix headquartered in Luxemburg, being proprietors of 30 patents in 120 countries. The plant of archetypes MDI is located in the Mediterranean city of Nice, in the South of France; there more than 60 technician work in the development of this new industry, being already concluded the first plant of production in series.

“We are not only manufacturing only one special car, senão all a system to transform energy in an ecologically correct way. The development of new applications of engine MDI will have many possibilities in the industry of today and in the one of the future, also in the development of the techniques for the energy storage”, Guy Nègre said.

At the moment, car MDI is in certification phase to twirl in the roads of the Europe. At the same time, with its recent official presentation in Barcelona, the commercial expansion is in full development and opened all the world-wide market. The cession of the rights for countries for its production is the only source of financing of the company. The last contract signed in Spain for ten million Euros “allows to give a new and important step in the conquest of the market for this vehicle not-pollutant”, affirmed the inventor.

Approximately a thousand specialists of everybody already had tested the archetypes in Center MDI; many of investing them, managing financiers, technician and journalists specialized in automobile industry. The first question that if makes when if is ahead of such technological innovation is: “it functions exactly” All the specialists who already had visited Center MDI in France had confirmed that the results are absolutely surprising. The archetypes function!

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