Panspermia: a fascinating theory

E if the life in the Land had not been created…. in the Land? E if everything what we know had had origin here, but before in a distant and unknown point the Universe? E if had been a meteorite to bring the first cells for our planet and we did not pass all of foreigners?

The panspermia is a theory that appeared for the first time in the Civilization Greek, 5 centuries before Christ. Deriving from the words “seed” and “everything”, it defends that the life exists all for the universe, and the Land is only one of the many bodies where the seed of the life was placed.
Theory of the conspiracy or, the theory of the panspermia was not revived in century XIX for some modern scientists who had defended that this fenómeno would be the cause of the birth of some new illnesses, of the epidemic crises and the necessary genetic constitution for the macroevolution (the evolution of Darwin thus would be explained by the fact of all the extra-terrestrial organisms that we today know to be e, therefore, to be accustomed to adaptarem it new environments).

The life could, then, the same arrive at the Land through different solar systems or planets of solar system and for radiation. The studied form more of panspermia is by means of a meteorite: when the terrestrial conditions if had become favorable to the life development, a meteorite would have crossed the atmosphere, bringing for the Land the first organisms with life - cells - that they would have been developed during millions of years for the life forms that we know today.

One of the arguments of the defenders of this theory is the red rain of Kerala, that devastated India of 25 d July the 23 of September in 2001. Although some scientists to have joined a justification for the color of rain - they would be seaweed remaining portions of surrounding zones - in 2003 two scientists had appeared with the hypothesis of that the color if would derive from extraterrestrial particles of a meteorite that would have entered in the atmosphere in the same height. Although this hypothesis never if to have proven, the doubt is in air.

As any another theory, exists innumerable limitations and critical and the truth is that never it met vestiges of life in any another planet, beyond the Land. Meanwhile not to happen, nothing can be proven e all the theories does not pass exactly of this: hypotheses!

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