Why male spiders die after the sex?

The reason depends on the species - and it is not excessively to remember that this does not happen with all they. “It has about 35 a thousand species of spider and the behavior of many still is unknown”, says Irene Knysak, director of the laboratory of arthropods of the Butantan Institute. The caranguejeira, for example, can conclude cópula with the elimination of the male for serviz it, 60 days later, to the just-born younglings. Yes, during the first slap-up meal of its lives the small ones are empanturram with the proper father. Already the widower-black, coitada, caught fame unjustly. If the sex many times takes chosen its to the last sigh, affirms Irene, is for an accidental question: the reproductive agency of it can fall when it is pulled out quickly of inside of the female. After that it comes the extreme loss of hemolinfa (equivalent to our blood) and the death. The female of the aurantia Argiope also would be innocent, in accordance with researchers of the universities of Concord (Canada) and California (U.S.A.). It has suspicion of that the male if commits suicide during cópula, therefore is entalado in the female, thus forming a type of chastity belt and preventing that other galas intervene with its hatch. Its rivals do not save efforts to remove it, but they are rare the ones that get success.

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