It tries to take an one bite .....

Tarantula Hawk. It is a type of super marimbondo developed (7cm arrives) that it has as its diet the caranguejeiras spiders and tarântulas. Curiously, a type of ranking exists bizarro of the bites of bees, wasps, marimbondos, ants and other insects. Basically, expensive one half maluco called John Schimidt, a professional entomologista annoys the animals and offers its free body of and spontaneous will to be perforated. Then it analyzes scientifically what it feels. From there it constructs ranking Schimdt of poisonous bite. This ranking calls Schmidt Sting Pain Index. E guesses who figure with honors as second pricked dolorida more? This exactly, this cursed animal there. According to ranking, this bite is despairing, blind the citizen temporariaente and the only possible consequence is to cry out.

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