White hair after all do not result of stress

A study it demonstrates that the responsible ones for the white hair are the main genes that if go acquiring throughout the life. Stress or the diet little intervenes with this equation.

The conclusions had resulted of a research for which 200 gémeas, homozigóticas and heterozigóticas sisters had been enlisted more than (true and false), between the 59 and 81 years. The scientists had practically not found differences in the amount of white hair of the identical gémeas, that partilham the genes, but the situation got excited in “the false” gémeas, whose genes differ.

According to BBC, the study, published in the magazine PLoS One, come to supply to oppose a series of other advanced theories with few scientific bases, that atribuíam the external factors, as stress or the diet, the increase of the white hair in the women.

“This means that, for the majority of the people, to be with white hair it does not result of that they have fact, but of genetic factors that are stop beyond its control”, it related Sings to sleep Goad, of the British Association of Dermatologists. The specialist recognizes that exceptions to this rule can exist, but that generally it is not the style of life to determine the loss of color in the hair.

David Fisher, specialist of Dana Faber Institute Cancer, equally lead a research in this area and corroborates the results, attributing to the genetics a decisive paper. However, it adds that the exposition the certain types of chemistries can take the one that the hair are white more early of what the genes determine.

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