5 useless parts of the human body

Since the time of Darwin, the humanity has knowledge of the theory of the evolution. The species live e, or adaptam it the way, or are extinct. Thus, many of the animals that existed previously already do not exist more as the mammoths and the trilobitas.

We know that such animals already had existed because fósseis had left that later had been discovered by the scientists. Fossilizados bones and carcasses help the man to mount the great break-head of the history of the life in the Land.

But the evolution leaves other vestiges during its course. Some of these vestiges are the agencies without use that some animals have, also the human being. It is that this list if deals with: human agencies that already do not have funçãin the body.

5. Fingers of the Foot
When it is lived in trees, fingers in the feet serve to help the locomotion, therefore it is more easy to use four (and to the times, as we will see below) members to move itself of what only two. But data that the feet of the human beings are used to only give to sustentation our body bípede, do not make sensible terms fingers in the tips of the feet. The usefulness of them, for we, already finished makes time.

4. Cóccix
Cóccix, that one ossinho of the end of the vertebral column, nothing more is of what a residual tail. Our ancestor, when living in trees, probably needed a cause to be able to have balance and communication between its pairs (dogs abanam the tail when they are happy, they remember). When the primates of whichwe evolve had been bípedes, the old tail were if becoming each more useless time, until she shrank and she was as she is today. He has cases of anomalies where people are born with tail, but that is very rare.

3. Teeth of siso
Many people pull out its teeth of siso (or judgment) when arriving in the adult age. They are four useless teeth, but that still they insist on being born. They are the two explanations so that they, although some times to ache in such a way, exist in our mouths. The first one if must to the fact of the jaw human being have less if become than of its ancestral ones. Although the inferior size, the teeth of siso continue there, trying to grow in a space that already does not accomodate them comfortably. Second it has to see with hygiene. As he was common has years behind, a man with 18 years already had lost most of its teeth. Thus, the teeth of siso fulfilled an important paper in the chew.

2. Mamilos masculine
Illed-inform one that it studies theory of the evolution can be asked: data that the man has mamilos, this want to say that it evolved of the woman? Not, this is not truth. Men and women have mamilos because, in the first embryonic periods of training, all are assexuados embryos. In a more advanced state he only is that the testosterone goes to make the sexual differentiation. Moreover, masculine mamilos are residual: they can have a small paper in the sexual relations and a small number can arrive to lactar.

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