To spurt milk of the eye

Ilker Yilmaz can obtain one of the records bizarros of the world. The Turkish worker of construction spilled milk in the hand, today, he sufficiently sucked it for the nose making racket, he spurted and it ofits left eye to a distance of 2,795 meters, in what he waits will be recognized as new world-wide record.
“I am happy and proud for being able to place Turkey in the book of the records, exactly that he is for spurting milk”, the man of 28 years said.

It said that he is very enters a small group of people world measures that he obtains the fact because of an anomaly in its lacrimal gland.

The site of the Guinness Book of the Records says that Mike Moraal, of Vancouver, in Canada, established the current record, of 2,615 meters, in France, 2001.

In an email, the Guinness it said that it did not have no present official representative to testify the fact of Yilmaz and was waiting documents of organizadores of the event to prove the record.

“It is really good for hearing that provisionally a new record can have been established”, Sam Knights, a representative of the Guinness said, in an email. “We receive from good grado new breakers of records and are anxious to receive the evidences (...) and then we will be able to verify this new attempt of record”.

Yilmaz said that it is known has years for obtaining to spurt liquids of its eye, but only has three years discovered that it had a record to spurt milk.

“I discovered by chance that I had such talent. When he was swimming with friend, I I noticed water spurting of my eye”, said. “When vi (a previous attempt to obtain the record of the Guinness) in the TV, I thought that, perhaps, it could also make that”.

Mahir Kendusim, a resident oftalmologista in Istanbul, said that a socket binds to the inferior eyelid the nasal socket, but noticed that it never heard to speak of whom he was capable of a fact as of Yilmaz.

Two years behind, Yilmaz said that it broke the then record, but the Guinness did not recognize it because the witnesses gifts did not fill its petitions.

Today, a magnet - leader Muslim spiritual - was between the witnesses who turn Yilmaz to absorb milk, to hold its left eyelid with the finger and to spurt milk. Yilmaz obtained in its third attempt. The record attempt was sponsored by Kay Sut, a Turkish milk company.

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