10 facts on penis that the great majority is unaware of

To know more on its penis (or of its partner) is important to intensify the relations, the pleasure, beyond fighting disfunções and others males that as much confuses inthe sexual life of a couple. Therefore we go to some of these facts:

1. To smoke can shorten in up to 1 cm the penis. The erections depend on the sanguine flow, and the smokers calcificam the vases, making it difficult the circulation;
2. Studies disclose that 79% of the men have penis that they expand significantly when erect, and 21% have great penises in rest that do not expand very when erect;
3. The brain is not necessary for the ejeculação. The order comes of the spinal marrow;
4. The case most common of peniana rupture: vigorous masturbation;
5. But 1 between 400 men the sufficient to make verbal sex in the proper body is flexible;
6. The men of better appearance can have “more strong” sperm. Spanish researchers had shown to the women photos of men who had had classification good, average, and bad of spermatozoa - and they had said to them to choose its preferred ones, for the appearance. The great majority chose the best producers;
7. The doctors are using the skin of the prepúcio of children ciruncidadas in burning victims. A prepúcio can produce 23,000 square meters, that would be sufficient to cover a field of baseball;
8. The responsible penis for depriving of virginity the biggest number of young women was of King Fatefehi, of Tonga, that supposedly deprived of virginity 37,800 women between years 1770 and 1784 - or about 7 virgins per day;
9. A gland of widened prostate can cause as much erétil disfunção as precocious ejaculação;
10. Orgasmo masculine lasts 6 seconds on average. The feminine one, 23 seconds. If it was to see for amount, would be necessary the man to arrive “there” 4 times at each 1 of the woman.

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