The mind human being

mind human being records and executes everything that is sent to it, eitherthrough
words, thoughts or acts, its or of third, are positive or
negatives, are enough that have accepted you them. This action always will happen,
independent if it brings or not resulted positive for you.

A scientist of Phoenix - Arizona - wanted to prove this theory. He needed
a volunteer who arrived at the last consequences. He obtained one in one
prison. He was the convict to the death that would be executed in the prison
of St Louis in the state of Missouri where death penalty exists.

It considered following it: it would participate of a scientific experience, in
which would be made a small cut in its pulse, the sufficient to drip
its blood until finishes final drop. It would have a possibility to survive, case
the blood coagulasse. If this happened, it would be freed, case
the opposite, it would go to falecer for the loss of the blood, however, it would have a death without
suffering and without pain.

The convict accepted, therefore he was preferable of what dying in electric chair e
still it would have a possibility to survive.

The convict was placed in a high bed, of these of hospitals and had moored its body so that he did not move himself. They had made a small cut in its pulse. Below of the pulse, a small aluminum canister was placed. It was said who would hear dripping of its blood in the canister. The cut was superficial
e did not reach no artery or vein, but it was the sufficient so that it
it felt that its pulse is cut.

Without it knew, underneath of the bed he had a bottle of serum with one
small valve. When cutting the pulse, had opened the valve of the bottle so that
it believed that it was the blood of it that he was falling in the canister of
aluminum. In the truth, it was the serum of the bottle that dripped.

Of 10 in 10 minutes, the scientist, without the convict saw, closed one
little the valve of the bottle and the convict thought that it was its blood that
it was diminishing.

With passing of the time, it was losing the color and being weak. When
scientists had closed the valve completely, the convict had a stop
cardiopath and faleceu, without having lost at least a blood drop.

The scientist obtained to prove that the mind human being fulfills, to a foot-da-letter, everything who is sent to it and accepted by its host, either positive or negative and that the death can be organic or psychic.

This fact is an alert one for filters what sends for our mind,
therefore it does not distinguish the Real from the fancy, the certainty of the made a mistake one, simply
she records and she fulfills what she is sent to it.

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