10 myths on the beer

Normal beer or light
The beers light have in general enter the 90 100 calories, against little than 200 calories of the conventionals. A loving one of beer says that the difference is the same one between comparing a McDonalds with a Restaurant 5 stars. The ones that search a life more healthful and are accustomed with dietary and light, say that the difference is imperceptível. Therefore, unless you drink 300 beers per week, it opts to a good and conventional beer, nothing of light.

The more dark it is the beer, more alcohol contains
Nor always. The Guinness beer, for example, is black, and has 4.2% of alcohol. The color of the beer comes of malte torrado, what it does not represent nothing in the alcoholic text. Already the excessively component ones are responsible for the alcohol, but they do not influence in the color.

The beer is with the bad taste if to esquentar and to freeze again
the beer can happen case pass for the process to freeze/to defrost for many times. But many people believe that the taste is quaint when a beer is frozen that already was frozen and came back to the normal temperature. The beer can ruin with air, the light and the time. The temperature will not ruin its beer unless she is extreme.

The beers of U.S.A. have little alcohol that excessively
Some people notice a difference in the label, on the alcoholic text of the beers commercialized in U.S.A. The Americans use the alcohol average by weight, while the too much countries adopt the alcohol standard for volume. A time that the beer weighs less than the water, the American beers present lesser numbers, but not little alcohol.

The Guinness beer served in Ireland is better
The process of manufacture of the beer is of low cost, then because these marks would risk its reputation when manufacturing different beer for exportation? It does not make direction very, and it is not truth. With rare excessões, the exported beer is accurately equal to the place. The only difference is the coolness due to the time expense in the exportation.

The beer would not have to be bitter
The bitter taste of the beer comes of a component (present in all beers) responsible for maltes candies and that it acts as conservante. Some beers have more (as India Pale Ales) and others have little, case of the Wheat Beer.

The best beers are in the green bottles
the dark bottles (in general brown) protect much more it beer of the light of what the clear ones (green or transparent). The myth appeared after World War II, when the Europeans consumed imported beers that were produced and put into vesselsed in green bottles due to local scarcity.

The beers of Thailand contain formaldehyde
One gives credit that the beers manufactured in Singha contain in the formula formaldehyde. The explanation most acceptable is that the beers manufactured in Singha contain much more alcohol and is much more bitter. When welded American or English they drank in Thailand, they were drunk with bigger much more fast easiness and of what they costumavam, beyond feeling a bitter taste much more intense. The suggested explanation is that it contained formaldehyde in its formula. Madness.

The beer Corona is Mexican piss
During the decade of `80, a rumor appeared of that diligent of the beer plant Corona (well popular in U.S.A.) they were urinando in the tanks of the beers destined to U.S.A. Certainly it would be, at least, ackward, if it was truth. But as all myth, this caused upheavals for the plant - its popularity was diminishing enters the American consumers of beer and who if it benefited with this was Heineken. Peraí, and where Heineken enters in history? It was the responsible one for spreading the rumor (a similar case to this in Brazil happened here, involving Coca-Cola and the Dolly). The responsible one of Heineken admitted the unfair competition and the Corona had its popularity in high again. But this rumor is spread until today by all the country!

Women do not like beer
Who will be that it invented this! Some women drink much more of what men. She has thousand of cases where the woman supports to drink much more of what the man.

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