n mythology Greek, Deméter was the goddess of agriculture and the olheitac. It was who nourished the land with the green vegetation. She was also considered as the protective goddess of the marriage and the sacred law. She was venerated as the responsible one per the stations of the year. Deméter and its Perséfone son were the main personages of the eleusinos mysteries (ritual of initiation carried through in the city Greek of Eleusis).

In accordance with the genealogy of deuses Greek, Deméter was son of Crono (titã) and Rea (titanide). In such a way, Deméter was sister of Zeus (god of deuses).
The priestesses (responsible for the cult to the goddess) of Deméter were called melissas.

Deméter was represented (in paintings and escultras), many times, going up in an car with a great amount of agricultural products as, for example, grains, flowers and fruits.

In mythology Roman, Deméter was called Ceres.

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