effects of pi ...

Good afternoon (at least in Portugal:-)).
I'm new to the forum and by polls haven't figured out this curiosity. And I hope it is here the place to place.
Sending this post by sharing and searching for interpretations that allow its acceptance banal than by
mathematical verification: this is easy and undeniable.
There are no tricks in the situation, by the way!

1st question (heating): If we put a string around a glass of circular Board, if we add one metre to the length of this wire,
and if we put again around the same glass, that distance (more or less) is the new wire from the edge of the Cup?
second question ("piece de resistance"): If we put a wire around the Earth (in Ecuador), if you add a
metro, and if we put again around the Earth (Yes, even in Ecuador, I said that there are no tricks, that distance:-))
the surface of the Earth is the new wire?

We are even seeing the answer, of course. What I ask is if someone have interpretations which are easily accepted by the citizen
whose math is distant enough to say (as I was told to me): "This mathematics is ok in small
also circles, but on Earth is impossible. No way! "

Thanks and regards to all.

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