Scientists unmask as bat-vampire knows where to bite

The vampires of the films know that the neck is optimum place to bite to obtain the blood of a defenseless maiden. But as its relatives of the real world, the bat-vampires, they make this evaluation was a mystery for the scientists. Now, American researchers had discovered that an joined special molecule in the nerves of these animals the aid to detect optimum place to bite its canine tooth.

According to group of the University of California in San Francisco, the molecule if calls TRPV1 and is capable to detect minimum variations of temperature, as a minidetector infra-red ray. With this, the animals know accurately where to bite to make right a vein and to liberate the blood.

A variation of the same molecule also is found in the human beings: it helps, for example, to detect the flavor of a pepper or to identify a surface that can relieve a burning.
The discovery was published in the specialized magazine Nature in this Wednesday (3).

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